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Powerful Python

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"Among the best books available for taking your Python skills to the next level... There are very few books which offer the sort of insights needed to really improve skills. This is one of the few I can highly recommend for those who are struggling to achieve intermediate skill in Python."
Darrell Fee, Software Engineer in Test, USA
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Dear fellow Python fan,

How would you like to:
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  • ​Be known as the "Top Pythonista" on your team?
Here's how:

I've written an e-book, called Powerful Python, which is different from every other programming book you have seen.

For one thing, it is NOT for beginners. No "hello world" stuff here.

And it has hundreds of realistic code examples, thoroughly explaining deep and important Python principles.

Because Powerful Python is grounded in real-world engineering...

Based on how my team and I wrote expert Python at Silicon Valley start-ups like Lyft, SnapLogic, and more...
"What have I found good and valuable about the book so far? Everything honestly. The clear explanations, solid code examples have really helped me advance as a Python coder... Thank you! It has really helped me grasp some advanced concepts that I felt were beyond my abilities."
Nick S., Data Scientist, Colorado
My name is Aaron Maxwell...

And after a decade working in Silicon Valley engineering teams...

Building remarkable software alongside some of the best Pythonistas on the planet...

I got interested in teaching.

So I partnered with O'Reilly Media, creating an advanced Python curriculum...

Ultimately teaching over 10,000 technology professionals world-wide...

Not beginners, mind you...

These "students" were in-demand tech pros, working at FAANG and other top engineering companies...

In every country, culture and engineering domain you can think of...

And they INSISTED I teach them truly ADVANCED Python secrets... 

And how to use them now in real-world production software...

So I wrote what I know on advanced Python in a book, called Powerful Python...

Listen To Readers In Their Own Words:

Tim Rand, Chicago, IL, USA, Director of Data Analytics
Todd Rutherford, Sacramento, CA, USA, Data Engineer
Josh Dingus, Fort Wayne, USA, Programmer/Analyst
Gil Ben-David, Bat-Yam, Israel, Data Scientist
David Izada Rodriguez, Senior Software Engineer, Florida, USA
Gary Delp, Principal Engineer, Rochester MN, USA
Nitin Gupta, Nashville, USA, Data Engineer
Johnny Miller, Laramie, Wyoming, USA, Business Owner & Entrepreneur
Michael Lesselyoung, Madison, South Dakota, USA, Owner of CSI (Computer Systems Integration)
Usama Salim, Seattle, WA, USA, Software Engineer

What's Inside:

  • ​W​ell-researched, realistic code on almost every page, powerfully illustrating key points. Very little "toy code"
  • ​​Profound understanding of how iteration weaves throughout Python... making your code massively scalable and highly performant
  • ​​Deep and detailed instruction on how to write practical, realistic unit tests (and other automated tests), leveraging little-known Python features to magnify the value tests bring to your development
  • ​​Powerfully Pythonic design patterns, and how Python's special language features give you unique options not possible in other languages
  • ​​How "magic methods" imbue natural, readable, expressive syntax into your classes and objects...
  • ​And how to "break the rules" to craft stunningly intuitive, compellingly reusable library interfaces
  • ​​How to use decorators to add rich features to functions and classes; untangle distinct, frustratingly intertwined concerns in your code; and build powerful, extensible software frameworks.
  • (Sincerely, this is the best, most extensive, thorough and valuable rundown of Python decorators ANYWHERE!)
"Thanks. Keep up the good work. Your chapter on decorators is the best I have seen on that topic."
Leon Tietz, Minnesota, USA
  • ​How to use Python in ways that incentivize other developers to use and re-use your code, again and again...
  • ​Amplifying the impact of the code you write, improving your reputation among your peers, and even helping your career!
  • ​​How to use test-driven development to easily get into a state of flow...
  • ​Where you find yourself repeatedly implementing feature after feature, keeping your focus with ease for long periods of time
  • ​Balancing your professional and career development with your personal happiness and fulfillment in our profoundly rewarding craft
  • ​​How to rapidly set up effective logging for scripts and small programs...
  • ​​... And how to create rich, powerful, sophisticated logger subsystems, to meet the considerably greater logging needs of mission-critical Python applications
  • ​​Pragmatic advice on package management, development environments, and using Python with version control
  • ​​How to fully leverage Python's exception and error model... giving you a detailed understanding even experienced Python developers often lack...
  • ​Putting some of the most powerfully Pythonic exception-handling patterns in your toolbox
  • ​And many more topics covered throughout the book...
  • ​​With hundreds of realistic Python code examples to demonstrate high-impact principles and techniques
"Feels like Neo learning jujitsu in the Matrix."
John Beauford, Chief Technology Officer, Texas

Table Of Contents

1 Doing More with Python

2 Scaling With Generators
2.1 Iteration in Python
2.2 Generator Functions
2.3 Generator Patterns and Scalable Composability
2.4 Python is Filled With Iterators
2.5 The Iterator Protocol

3 Creating Collections with Comprehensions
3.1 List Comprehensions
3.2 Formatting For Readability (And More)
3.3 Multiple Sources and Filters
3.4 Comprehensions and Generators
3.5 Dictionaries, Sets, and Tuples
3.6 Limits of Comprehensions

4 Advanced Functions
4.1 Accepting & Passing Variable Arguments
4.2 Functions As Objects
4.3 Key Functions in Python

5 Decorators
5.1 The Basic Decorator
5.2 Data In Decorators
5.3 Decorators That Take Arguments
5.4 Class-based Decorators
5.5 Decorators For Classes
5.6 Preserving the Wrapped Function

6 Exceptions and Errors
6.1 The Basic Idea
6.2 Exceptions Are Objects
6.3 Raising Exceptions
6.4 Catching And Re-raising
6.5 The Most Diabolical Python Anti-Pattern

7 Classes and Objects: Beyond The Basics
7.1 Properties
7.2 The Factory Patterns
7.3 The Observer Pattern
7.4 Magic Methods
7.5 Rebelliously Misusing Magic Methods

8 Automated Testing and TDD
8.1 What is Test-Driven Development?
8.2 Unit Tests And Simple Assertions
8.3 Fixtures And Common Test Setup
8.4 Asserting Exceptions
8.5 Using Subtests
8.6 Final thoughts

9 Logging in Python
9.1 The Basic Interface
9.2 Configuring The Basic Interface
9.3 Passing Arguments
9.4 Beyond Basic: Loggers
9.5 Log Destinations: Handlers and Streams
9.6 Logging to Multiple Destinations
9.7 Record Layout with Formatters

Bonus #1: 
Coding Exercises + Detailed Solutions

Learn by reading, learn more by DOING!

Accelerate your mastery of the tools and techniques you learn in the book, with a free gift: a full set of hands-on coding exercises for each chapter...

Generators, comprehensions, higher-order functions, writing decorators, properties, logging and much more...

These self-grading "lab" files give detailed feedback as you code...

And full detailed solutions are INCLUDED, so you can "check your work" or if you need a hint.

Normally, we charge EXTRA for these coding exercises. At $47, they are well worth it.

But as an experiment, I am INCLUDING these exercises for free when you purchase Powerful Python on this page right now.

Bonus #2:
Community Slack Channel

Readers of Powerful Python are also invited to the Community Slack Channel...

An online Community to discuss advanced Python, make new friends, and expand your professional network.

This Community Slack channel is ONLY open to readers of Powerful Python. Your invitation included free when you purchase on this page today.

Bonus #3:
Monthly Q&A Zoom Call With Author

For a limited time, the author is hosting Q&A Zoom calls with the readers of Powerful Python!

This is your chance to ask your questions to one of the world's top Python experts...

AND learn from what other Powerful Python readers ask as well!

(Seriously, they will ask AMAZING questions you never would have thought to ask on your own, and you will learn a lot from the author's response.)

You can ask about any topic in the book; any other Python topic; any software engineering, data science, or technology question; or anything else the author may be able to answer for you.

It is hard to put a value on this bonus...

But you get it FREE when you order Powerful Python on this page today.
"By far one of the best books out there. No nonsense, just great information."
Edward Finstein, Software Engineer, USA
Included Free Bonuses:
Coding Exercises:  $47 
Community Slack Channel: $99/mo
Monthly Q&A Zoom Call With Author: $99/mo
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"I just wanted to let you know what an excellent book this is. I keep going back to your book to learn Python."
Fahad Qazi, Consultant (Testing & Automation), London



What Pythonistas Say About Powerful Python

"I just wanted to let you know what an excellent book this is. I'm a self taught developer and after having done badly at some interviews I decided to buy your book. It covers so many of the interview questions I'd got wrong previously... I keep going back to your book to learn Python. I've actually recommended it as an interview guide to some of my friends."

- Fahad Qazi, London, UK
"Instant productivity gains. These are the best 200 pages you will find on Python if you're an experienced programmer looking to make a leap in your Python skills. The entire book takes only a few days to read, and it's very enjoyable. I'm already seeing the rewards in my code as I have shifted from writing simple scripts with 1-2 normal functions to writing a unit-tested class which creates its own decorated functions at runtime (data-driven), overloads operators, and properly handles and throws exceptions. Nowhere else have I found so many of Python's unique features explained so clearly and succinctly as I have in Powerful Python."

- Carolyn R., USA
"This book is a must have and must read for every Python developer."

- Jorge Carlos, Italy
"A lot of advanced and useful Python features condensed in a single book."

- Giampaolo Mancini, Italy
"Thanks. Keep up the good work. Your chapter on decorators is the best I have seen on that topic."

- Leon Tietz, Minnesota, USA
"It's direct. Goes right for a couple of subjects that have real-world relevance."

- Chuck Staples, Maine, USA
"What have I found good and valuable about the book so far? Everything honestly. The clear explanations, solid code examples have really helped me advance as a Python coder. Thank you! It has really helped me grasp some advanced concepts that I felt were beyond my abilities"

- Nick S., Colorado, USA
"Only a couple chapters in so far but already loving the book. Generators are a game changer."

- Ben Randerson, Aberdeen, UK
"I'm finding your book very insightful and useful... I have greatly benefitted from your rich examples and your extremely clear explanations. Yours is one of the few books I keep on my desk."

- Tony Holdroyd, Gravesend, UK
"Thank you for your book. It is packed with great information, and even better that information is presented in an easy to understand manner... Five stars."

- Jon Macpherson, Pennsylvania, USA
"Your book is absolutely amazing and your ability to articulate clear explanations for advanced concepts is unlike any I have ever seen in any programming book. Thanks again for writing such a good and thought provoking book."

- Armando Someillan
"Great Python book. One of my favorite Python books that show great examples on using the language effectively."

- Bryant Biggs
"This is among the best books available for taking your Python skills to the next level. I have read many books on Python programming in a quest to find intermediate level instruction. I feel there are very few books which offer the sort of insights needed to really improve skills. This is one of the few I can highly recommend for those who are struggling to achieve intermediate skill in Python. The author clearly has a mastery of the topic and has an ability to convey it in and understandable way."

- Darrell Fee, USA
"Just what I needed. I think it was pretty excellent. Very much applicable to where I'm at with Python today and taking my coding to the next level... I think you have definitely given me some broad ideas on being able to scale, and some things that I should strive for in my code."

- Josiah Allen, USA
"This book taught me a great deal and was enjoyable to read. The complex patterns are explained well with enough detail to understand but not too much to confuse the reader. After having the book for one day I recommended it to my team and will make it required reading for our interns and junior devs."

- Aaron, USA
"Great coverage not offered in other books."

- Tony, USA
"Amazing work! I wish all technical books could be this good."

- Adam Breindel, California, USA
"Truly next-level Python. Concise to the point and practical. Will take your Python to the next level."

- Amado, USA
"I think it's a pretty fine book."

- Chip Warden, Missouri, USA
"A very useful book."

- Jorge Carlos Franco
"Great book. A lot of great tips for those beyond a beginner."

- Jeff Schafer
"Awesome book, helpful in moving beyond basic coding."

- Mark Vallarino
"I've been programming with Python for about 1.5 years and this book is right up my alley. A great attribute of this book are the practical examples. The author describes things in great detail so implementing his ideas is very natural."

- Mike Shumko, USA
"This book has a lot of useful examples and gives some great tips on how to refine your Python skills and bring your coding to the next level. If you want to move from beginner Python and go to intermediate/advanced topics, this book is perfect for you."

- Gary Colello, USA
"Takes your Python coding skills from average to awesome... This book makes quick work of some advanced and esoteric topics. If you want to be a Python programmer a cut above everyone else, and ace the tough topics in interviews, this is the one for you."

- Hugh Reader, USA
"Five Stars. I've studied this deeply, this author has been a big contributor to my lifetime development in software engineering."

- Ref, USA
"Looking to go beyond the basics, to broaden and deepen your Python skills? This is the book for you. Highly recommended!"

- Michael Herman, USA
"There are very few books that can bridge the gap between basics and advanced level and this is one of them."

- Rodrigo Albuquerque, UK
"This is really good for intermediate Python programmers, who have mastered the basics and are looking for new ideas on various new modules and features out in Python. Also the author explains few gotchas and secrets from the woods to make you a sound Python pro."

- Andrew, UK
"Excellent book. I found the explanation of some complex topics very easy to understand. An example of this are the chapters on decorators and testing. I would recommend this book to anybody who already knows Python and wants to take it to the next level... The author shares a lot of best practices used in the real world which I’ve noticed that a lot of books leave out."

- Raul, Canada
"Great book, Python finally explained in an advanced and in-depth way..."

- Alex, Italy
"This is really good book."

-  Marcin Adamowicz, UK
"Powerful Python is already helping me get huge optimization gains."

- Timothy Dobbins, Nashville
"Warmly recommended to all Pythonists."

- Giovanni, UK
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