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  • ​Weekly Elite Group Mentoring calls
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"Powerful Python really is the best way I've found to level up my Python skills beyond where they were already. 

The course material demystifies things like testing and mocking, test-driven development, decorators and other things in simple but straightforward ways. Individually, the courses in the Bootcamp are priceless references, but I also found large benefit from the Slack and Zoom sessions. 

You know, I've never been afraid to dig into the Python libraries that I'm using, find out how they work and what they're doing. But I've noticed that since completing the course, I'm able to dig a lot deeper and understand a lot more. 

And not only that, but it's also extended to my own coding, where I can see a lot more of the project ahead of time before I'm even writing one line of code. How things should fit together and how to make my code more maintainable, more testable. 

It's really been a great way to level up my Python, and I would certainly recommend Powerful Python to anyone at any level to help increase their Python skills."

- Marc Ritterbusch, Software Developer
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